I am currently a graphic design student at Midsweden university in year 2017-2020. I have worked as an artist painter and photographer. My goal is to combine my artistic knowledge into graphic design products. Here you can see some of the assignments in school where I have tried to incorporate my handcrafted art. At the bottom you will find a short resume. Please contact me if you have any questions and please feel free to visit my art blog aswell.

The cultural lifestyle magasine Min.

The minimalist No.1

The front and the inside of the magasine Min.

Advertisement for makeup store.

Photography, Anna Isabella Sandberg. Product photo belongs to Makeup Store.

Book design: 17 rules for Typoghraphy

Art, illustrations and book binding is made personally by hand.

Front and Back of the book

The body of the book page 16 to 17

The paper is slightly yellow toned for more readability

The body of the book page 30 to 31

The paper is slightly yellow toned for more readability

Project: Var Festival (our festival)

In the years 2015-2017 I was in the project management group of a disabilities adapted festival, for all youth between the ages 13-25 in Sundsvall, Sweden. The yearly festival was held at the local cultural centre ”Kulturmagasinet” in collaboration with several local companies and organisations. I was responsible for the creative parts, the visual look for the festival and the graphic design as well as I was a part of the planning group. I made a logo, some posters. The first year of the festival (2015) I also held a painting workshop and curated an exhibition for the youth.

In collaboration with; Sundsvalls Commune, Kulturmagasinet, Friskhuset, NBV, Bilda, Ung Film, Fritid för alla, Aktiva tjejer, RFSL, EU Volontärtjänst, Sundsvalls ungdomsråd, HIP-kämparna / HIP-kämparna alpint, Aikido Sundsvall, Ny Attityd, Musik Schlaget and more.:

Project portfolio of Var Festival (our festival)

The leadwords for the project is knowledge, togetherness, everyone no matter what, different but same


  • Prospect:
  • 2018 oct – Exhibiting at Parallax Art fair, London.
  • 2018 maj – Pipeline 45 year anniversary, local arts and national artists preforming live music, such as INVSN, The Confusions and more.
  • 2018 maj – The artist fair ”Konstrundan” 2018.
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